Eskimo Donuts, Sourdough Sam, Flour Packing Competitions, Ice Sculptures and a Crazy Wind Chill.

My sister and niece were living in Inuvik at the time, so we met “in the middle” for a visit, planning it for the same time as the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous. What a trip! I made friends with talented jiggers (and was asked to participate) and the Snowshoe Shufflers (and was asked to join their squad), kissed Sourdough Sam, drank local brew, saw a Full Monty, met the “Rendezvous Princess”, checked out the S.S. Klondike, and witnessed a ridiculous dog competition. I chatted with Gillian Campbell, a long-time performer at the festival and a wonderfully sassy woman, and even met up with her for tea and dinner in Vancouver. I didn’t get to see the Aurora Borealis on this trip, but I’ll definitely be back again, or will visit my sister in Yellowknife this time.

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