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Professional bragging rights:

  • Recipient of the Regional Media Award from the Kidney Foundation of Canada BC Branch
  • Judge for the Culinary Challenge at Cornucopia 2013 with Alex Gill, food critic for the Globe & Mail
  • Celebrity judge at the BC Hospitality Foundation‘s Inaugural Industry Games
  • Media Judge for Vancouver Foodster’s Taco Challenge
  • Photograph published in Gastropost (National Post/Vancouver Sun)
  • Photograph published in Eat Street Vancouver
  • Photo galleries published in Eater Vancouver
  • Press releases published in Western Grocer


“What an AMAZING article about the event!! Gorgeous pictures, easy to read and thorough. Thank you so much for covering it!!”

Lani Johnson – Development Manager
Lookout Emergency Aid Society
Article: H’Arts for the Homeless


Alta Bistro - Kelly Marion

Article: The Exploration of Australian Food + Wine at Altitude Alta


“Just saw your post on The Vancouver Observer, and I wanted to thank you so much for writing such an amazing article! We truly appreciate you coming out to the event, and learning more about the partnership.Your photos are really fantastic as well!

Thanks again for your support and we’ll definitely let you know about any other upcoming events we’re doing in the Vancouver area!

Brittany Lockhart
Article: Kiehl’s in The Hudson’s Bay


“What a great review! Thank you so much. It has many more insights than most descriptions of our work. I’ve posted it on Facebook and got a good response so far.”

Marilyn Norry
Founder of My Mother’s Story
Article: My Mother’s Story


“Hey, Kelly – thanks so much. I am not sure what I’ve done to deserve such great support – very much appreciated!”

Sujinder Juneja
Take Aim Media
Article: BC Beer Awards + Memphis Blues BBQ


“I read your article earlier today! You’re such a great writer and photographer! 🙂 ”

North Shore Mama
Article: Kids take over the Kitchen at Hungry Oven


Dunn PR


“Your photos and story are lovely Kelly. Thanks so much for coming to Joy of Feeding.”

Anelyse Weiler
UBC Farms
Article: Bridging cultural gaps and sharing food at Joy of Feeding 2012


“Hey Kelly – just reading your posts on the festival at the Vancouver Observer. I love the photo/quotes format – really captures some very cool moments from the weekend. Really, as they say, “illustrative”. Very nicely done! We’re going to post a link to this on our site shortly. I want lots of others to see it too.”

Gwen Kallio
Publicist & Marketing Manager
Vancouver Folk Music Festival
Article: Vancouver Folk Festival 2013: a jam-packed Saturday


“Thanks so much for coming to the VtV launch – Nicki, Adam and I were thrilled to see you and Nicki is over the moon about your post. :)”

Danica Jeffery
dvinewrites communications
Article: View the Vibe comes to Vancouver


“Wow. Really smart shots, Kelly. (I just had a more thorough look.) Nice dancing couple, too. I bet nobody else took as shot like that…  I LOVE your ingenuity. I know you know what you’re doing, and then some. 🙂 “

Sheri Wisnowski
Secret Weapon PR
Brandi’s Tweet
Brandi Schier
PR Sun Peaks Resort
Re: Mountain Biking

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