What’s this all about?

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford

I thrive off constant change, whether being thrown in to new environments, meeting new people or trying new food. I find that there are many opportunities to experience all three in Vancouver through the myriad of events occurring year-round. Originally from Victoria, I now feel right at home in Vancouver, excited by the energy it exudes and the constant entertainment it offers.

This blog is mostly focused on Vancouver events, many of which are culinary-based, but I also cover concerts, write the occasional travel piece, and even cover fashion shows. I love the outdoors and you’ll probably see a few posts on summer and winter adventures, be it snowmobiling, nordic skiing and skeleton sliding, or hiking, snorkelling and mountain biking. Most posts are laden with photos because I genuinely feel that a picture tells a story on its own, but I love to write, which is obvious in my sometimes lengthy posts.

Find out a bit more about my adventures in my “biography” post as part of my #60Days in Tobago Island Connoisseur application. 

P.S. My last name is Marion, which should explain the site name. A play on “marinate”. Or Marion Ate Overnight. Take it how you like it.

Kelly Jean Marion

People know me as someone who works too hard, but who plays just as hard. I live hard, work hard, play hard, exercise hard and love hard. Inevitably, I occasionally fall hard. All or nothing!

Available for hire as a freelance writer and photographer for event previews/coverage, travel pieces, social media, website set-up, or blog management. Contact me for rates.

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