Home sweet home…


Tis a pleasure to see you again.

You know I’m a pluviophile‬, so you’ve given me rain to come home to. Thanks ;). The trees are blossoming, tulips are planted, and the air is crisp and refreshing, albeit giving me slight goosebumps. Don’t take offence though, as I’ve been basking in 30 degree weather for the past month and a half, and swimming in a sea that’s warmer than your Spring‬ air.

I love that you’re metropolis and typically lively, but tonight, at this hour, the streets are still and the notion of walking home in the rain, in the dark, in the quiet, is irresistible. And hey, I have no one telling me that it isn’t safe to do so, like it is in a plethora of “downtowns” or “city centres” around the world. In fact, I feel naively safe as I listen to a couple drunkenly sing Hakuna Matata” while leaving the Skytrain Station. Another fella sees me trucking along with my suitcase and he tells me to have a nice trip. I tell him that I just did…while it was crazy at times, overall it was amazing.

Moral of my ridiculous story: Love where you live, even if only there temporarily, for in every place, thing, or being, there is beauty. Find it and embrace it.


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