Temper Pastry spruces up Dundarave Village

West Vancouver has yet another reason for “snobbery”.

Temper Pastry, which has been open since January 2014, can now officially call Dundarave Village its home. While this is clearly no longer “news”, the shop still warrants some hype, even if delayed. Plus, it takes time to make your mark and be accepted into a community, right?

Boisterous Owner and Chef, Steven Hodge (worked with Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Haas), uses his acquired skills and experience, in conjunction with his “have fun in the kitchen” attitude, to create an abundance of beautiful pastries and chocolates.

“At the end of the day we are cooks. We should experiment, play around and create waste if necessary,” explained Hodge. “The ‘older’ generation tends to be stuck in their ways, whereas I like to keep people interested and intrigued.”

Naturally, there are traditional options for the conservative types, and variations on classics for the adventurous types. From a modern mille fuille with pistachio and strawberry and his signature habenoro with honey chocolate, to black forest cake and croissants, the man covers all of his bases. Try the dense coconut croissant (intense, delicious, $4.95) and the ham and cheese croissant for the ultimate snacks, or the salted caramel truffle for a sweet finish to a meal.

Throw Stumptown coffee (rapidly being seen around town) into the picture, alongside sandwiches composed of Sebastian and Co.’s meat and cheese and Swiss Bakery breads, and you have yourself a complete package. You have to give Hodge some respect for bringing in such quality products to accompany his own. Not to mention that he chose Evoke to design the sleek and modern space, a company that is nominated for an international design award. (The company also worked with Bel Cafe, Heirloom and Forage, to name a few.)

With clearly no disrespect to the so-called “older” pastry chefs, Hodge represents the new generation of “cooks” in the city. Don’t be surprised if he opens up a second shop in the next year or two, as there is certainly a demand for it, and it’s definitely on his radar.

Fortunately, the Dundarave location is only a half an hour bike ride from my condo, though “competitors” Thierry and Faubourg are a mere five minute walk away. I forget how spoiled I am in Vancouver until I go abroad and I struggle to find a decent croissant…it’s been my otaku since I spent five weeks in France. (I’m currently on a working vacation in Grand Cayman)

For more photos check out my Temper Pastry gallery on Flickr.

Temper Pastry
2409 MARINE DRIVE, West Vancouver
Closed Monday | Tuesday – Sunday 8AM to 5PM


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