Hungry “brunchers” take over the West End

When Sunday rolls around it’s hard to be happy about the weekend wrapping up and the work week starting, but a Sunday brunch always curtails the sadness. Whether you fancy mimosas or you’re a caesar kind of guy/gal, it’s nice to know that this is the one day where it’s actually encouraged that you drink before noon. Any other day of the week and you’re a borderline alcoholic.

When I found out that the West End BIA was partnering with Vancouver Foodster for Dine Out Vancouver’s West End Brunch Crawl and the first stop was at Marquis Wine Cellars for a mimosa, you bet I was hopping on that tour.

As I waited anxiously in line, thoughts of egg bennies, coffee and pancakes danced in my head. Upon entry I grabbed my “passport” and moseyed over to the mimosa table to imbibe before entering in a random umbrella contest at the West End BIA table. Then, it was time to get my eat on.

Marquis Wine Cellar

With no strategy other than going in the logical walking order, me and my guest made our way through the food tour struggling to consume everything as we made it to the final establishments.

Below is a summary of the eateries we popped into.

Just Juice

Open at 7AM during the week so that you can grab a healthy smoothie or freshly pressed juice enroute to work. These bad boys are chock-full of nutrients and while they contain many ingredients, they tend to have one prominent flavour (i.e. spinach in Think Bigger, and coconut despite the blueberry chunks in Blue-ish Coconut)

  • Think Bigger: kale, spinach, avocado, banana, pineapple, orange, lime, ginger and coconut water
  • Blue-ish Coconut: blueberries, avocado, banana, spirulina, lime, coconut, coconut oil and coconut water

Milestones on Denman 

The Milestones with the best view, and in the running for the best customer service. The portions were generous, the staff was efficient and the food was aesthetically pleasing and flavourful.

  • Milestone’s signature prime rib hash: thinly sliced AAA prime rib, bell peppers, sweet onion, roasted corn and potatoes in specialty hash seasoning. Topped with a (perfectly) poached egg and in house made hollandaise.
  • Bite size strawberry buttermilk pancakes: served with warm strawberry infused syrup, vanilla whip and fresh mint.

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Check out their Dine Out menu. 

Central Bistro

Since I live so close, I have been meaning to try this restaurant for a while. I’ll most likely be back for live jazz on a Sunday night or to enjoy their pint specials on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. After all, they have Crannog’s Back Hand of God Stout on tap!

  • Grilled vegetable and Okanagan goat cheese sandwich on spelt bread (delicious)
  • Mini homemade quiche of the day (Quiche Lorraine)
  • Vanilla yoghurt granola parfait with fresh fruit compote and whipped cream

Check out their Dine Out menu. 

1789 Restaurant

They’re now serving brunch and were handing out 2 for 1 coupons, but the brunch menu hasn’t been added to their website yet. If you go in, try to get their early so that you can request one of their private, curtained rooms in the back. And order some tea as they have adorable tea cups.

  • Montecristo French Toast with House Smoked Bacon Maple Syrup (heart attack inducing breakfast)


Always remember “Buckstop Loves You” and you’ll feel welcome in this tiny joint. I love the exposed brick and the rustic tables that are complemented by sandwiches served on wood trays and water out of mason jars. I’ll definitely be back to order a full meal.

  • Brisket, Cheddar and Egg Sandwich on sourdough with smoked pepper aioli with a side of homemade ketchup. (Buttery and crisp sourdough. Flavourful meat. Cheese…almost melted. Delicious.)

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WE Coffee

My favourite things about WE Coffee are that they encourage suspended coffees and they have an Italian designed La Marzocco espresso machine. I was surprised to see them participating in this tour as the day before I walked by and noticed a “closed for renovation” sign on their window. Apparently they held off on renovations until after the tour.

  • 8 oz Mochachino (I didn’t get any of the “surprise goodies” that were advertised)

De Dutch on Robson

De Dutch offered up “mini” versions of sweet and savoury pannekoekens, as well as juice and coffee. They were prepared, friendly and witty which was impressive considering they were situated in front of the restaurant, standing in the cold for hours.

  • Strawberry and whip cream Pannekoeken
  • De bakon and cheese Pannekoeken (generous sprinkling of de bakon)

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Le Parisien

Mini eiffel tours, a handful of French servers, rapid service and flaky pastry. The hustle bustle in this place reminds me of Paris, while the value is more reflective of the neighbourhood. John Blakeley, owner of Kitsilano’s Bistro Pastis, has created an adorable bistro for locals and tourists alike to enjoy.

  • Frittata ‘A La Provencale’
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Beef Shortrib Poutine

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Check out their Dine Out menu. 

For high resolution photos check out my West End Brunch Crawl set on Flickr. 

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