The Butcher and The Brewmaster visit Whistler

Dubh Linn Gate, Whister’s infamous (and only) Irish Pub, hosted a beer and charcuterie event during Cornucopia appropriately coined The Butcher and The Brewmaster.

Granville Island Brewing and Oyama Sausage partnered up to offer guests five samplers of beer each paired with plates of charcuterie and cheese. It was set up in what they called “market style” so guests could grab a plate and a beer at one station, sit down to enjoy it, and then mosey on to the next. This prevented congestion at each table and also offered an opportunity to play musical chairs if you didn’t save your seat or were feeling extra social.

The Butcher & The Brewmaster

Since I was there by myself, I snacked and drank the night away in my solitude despite the spirited environment. Needless to say, I felt quite lonely. This didn’t last long as I quickly found myself interjecting in the conversation of a group of Whistler “locals” sitting nearby, throwing in my two cents on the Lions Winter Ale. Eventually I joined their table and spent the night ordering pitchers of beer and dancing for hours to the talented duo known as Ruckus Deluxe, who happen to be Dubh Linn Gate’s house band. They rocked the venue playing oldies, classic rock and, naturally, some originals.

Ruckus Deluxe

“We could choose to rehearse, but we don’t. Always better to try it for the first time live.” – Chad

Below are the food and beer pairings and my favourite pairing.

Mad Dash Fresh Hop ESB was paired with Okanagan Red Wine Proscuitto, Felino Salami, Hot Capicolli, Morbier and Clove Gouda.

Best pairing: Hot Capicolli and Morbier

The Pumpkining Pumpkin Ale was paired with Smoked Bison, Finocchiona, Lomo, Cave-aged Goat Cheese and Red Leicester.

Best pairing: Smoked Bison and Cave-aged Goat Cheese

The Butcher & The Brewmaster

Lions Winter Ale was paired with Truffle Salami, Blunderfeish, Orange Confit Salami, Goat Gouda and Tiger Blue.

Best pairing: Tiger Blue 

Burly Goat Weizenbock was paired with Lemon Confit Salami, Shinkenspeck, Cervelat, Tomme and Vacherin Fribourgeois.

Best pairing: Cervelat

Hops and Bolts was paired with Lamb Proscuitto, Jambon des Ardennes, Red Russian Garlic, Fleuron de Bruges and Chateau de Bourgogne.

Best pairing: Fleuron de Bruges

The Butcher & The Brewmaster


  • Don’t go solo, unless you are extremely extroverted and don’t mind interrupting conversations
  • Don’t dress up, you’ll feel out of place – casual is the best, think “Whistler ski bum by day”
  • Take a cheat sheet and guess what the beer and cheese is rather then hearing it from them (at least initially)
  • Buy a ticket. $30 is a great deal.

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