Vancouver Folk Festival 2013: a jam-packed Saturday

Vancouver Folk Music Festival

The 36th Annual Vancouver Folk Music Festival took over Jericho Beach Park this weekend, featuring an incredible lineup of well-known musicians, as well as flourishing artists and bands.

Daytime concerts covered seven different stages and featured bands and artists on their own, in addition to workshops with a collaboration of bands.

Highlights of Saturday’s festival included:

Danny Michel with The Garifuna Collective

Danny Michel with The Garifuna Collective

“I once got a mood ring. I don’t remember what color I got, but the one thing that I do remember was the box that it came in. It read, ‘What colour are you?’ And…this song was born.” – Danny Michel


Whitehorse, Folk Fest 2013

“We were recording part of our album in Vancouver and were eating at Templeton Diner one day. We saw a quote in a Wonder Woman comic book (the fate of the World depends on this kiss), and decided that we had to name our album after it…it really sets the tone of it.”

“You’re probably looking at your spouse and wondering why you guys aren’t so cool.” – Grant Lawrence, CBC, Folk Fest Emcee

Raghu Dixit Project

Raghu Dixit Project, Folk Fest 2013 Raghu Dixit Project, Folk Fest 2013

“Just when you’re about to give up, a new person in you comes out and it keeps you going…”

“If you like this song and sing along to it I’ll be happy, and if you don’t, I don’t care.” 

Steve Earle and The Dukes

Steve Earle and The Dukes, Folk Fest 2013

“You gotta write about something…and I wrote about what I saw outside of the window – mainly south of the border, but I saw a lot of different things up here too.”

“You’re probably wondering what the f*** I’m doing (as he gets on the keyboard). While, I grew up in Texas, and we speak in analogies….I used to drink, and when I did I believed I could speak Spanish. I can not. After living in New Orleans for a few years, I believed that I should be able to play the piano…”

The Cat Empire

The Cat Empire, Folk Fest 2013 The Cat Empire, Folk Fest 2013

Although she wasn’t on the Main Stage, I was drawn to Kinnie Starr, who’s thought-provoking songs, incredible voice, witty comments, and wicked hip hop skills set an incredible tone for the festival, and had everyone up and dancing.

Kinnie Starr, Folk Fest 2013

“People always say that there is one true love in your life. I think that’s bull. I’ve had two true loves in my life, and this song is about…one of them.”

Each year the festival brings thousands of music lovers together from all generations; it’s not often that you get to see tykes on parent’s shoulders, teenagers, and the elderly, all in one spot, dancing, singing, and grinning ear to ear.

Vancouver Folk Music Festival, VFMF2013, Van Folk Fest,

The 1500 volunteers make this festival possible every year and also come from all walks of lives, from the youngest volunteer at 14 years of age, to the oldest volunteer at 78 years of age. Collectively this volunteer team speaks 80 different languages, which further pushes the international element of the festival.

But the festival isn’t over, it ends tonight after the festival finale at 10:40PM. Some great artists are scheduled for the day, including Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, who is the closing act.

Check out what happened last year!

Photos subject to copyright. More high-resolution photos will be added here at the end of the festival. 


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