Celebrate Macaron Day on March 20th while supporting local non-profits

“The French macaron is a sweet confectionary made of two almond meringue discs stuck together with a generous layer of butter cream, jam or ganache filling. When baked to perfection, the outside of the shell forms a delicate crust to protect the inside, which remains soft and moist.” – French Made Baking


Photo Source: Mommy’s Sweet Confessions

While their is much debate to when the macaron was born – some crediting an Italian pastry chef in 1533, others believing it to be created in a French convent in 1791 – it wasn’t until March 20th, 1995 that Macaron Day (aka Jour du Macaron) was established.

Pierre Herme, a French Pastry Chef, created it with the notion that people would come into the shop, receive a free macaron, and in exchange make a donation to a charity.

While this is easy for those who have shops, it poses an issue for those without one. Or does it?

Kitchening & Co., a business that doesn’t have a retail location, is getting creative in their charitable efforts. Taking advantage of their social media reach and online presence they are striving to raise funds in a different way.

“We really want one of the main focuses of our business to be around community, and ways that we can not only give back to, but give alongside the great people of Vancouver.”

Through a site called Chimp, they are donating up to $10,000 worth of macarons by “selling” a 12pc box of macarons for a minimum $10 donation (retail value $24).

“We’ve raised over $2700 so far, but we’d love to break through $5,000,” exclaimed Carly Wintschel owner of Kitchening & Co.

Daniel Wintschel and Carly Wintschel

Daniel Wintschel and Carly Wintschel • Photo credit: Cassia Creative

Orders can be placed at MacaronDayVancouver.com with all donations being tax deductible. Unless specified, orders will include an assortment of nine current flavours, such as Carly’s second favorite, the toasted coconut. On Macaron Day (Wednesday March 20th) orders can be picked up at Edible Canada on Granville Island and Urban Fare Shangri-La.

All proceeds from macaron sales will be donated to three Downtown Eastside organizations: the Downtown Eastside Women’s CentreLinwood House, and Mission Possible.

Kitchening & Co. is a small, family run business in Langley with the idea that “Good Food Brings People Together”. They use all natural ingredients, so you might not have the same bright color that other businesses offer, but you’ll have the same delicious dessert minus the artificial flavorings and dyes.

When asked what her favourite flavour was Carly responded:

“I’ve been known to be a bit of a bacon lover – long before everyone else in the world. We do up a bacon-salted caramel that right now is exclusively carried at Edible Canada; I’d probably take that one.”

Kitchening & Co. Macarons

Photo credit: Darryl Bueckert Photography


French Made Baking

Owners David and Catherine Introligator offer macarons with 20 unique flavours including Matcha macaron with Black sesame ganache, lavendar and honey, and pina colada. They use organic flour and sugar, free run eggs from Rabbit River Farms, real butter, vanilla beans and rum, natural extracts, no preservatives, no shortenings and no artificial flavours. Just like them, their chocolate (Cacao Barry) is from France.

French Made Baking will be offering macarons by donation with 100% of donations and a portion of the day’s sales going to B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Soirette Macarons & Tea

Soirette is hoping to give away up to 1,000 macarons (for a suggested donation of $2 each) on Wednesday. Signature flavours include: Caramel Fleur de Sel, Rocher, Malibu, Rose and Lavender. I had their macarons a few weeks ago and have been dying to go back, what better reason than Macaron Day.

Owner and head pastry chef Shobna Kannusamy will be giving 100 percent of donations, as well as 10 percent of the day’s sales, to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of B.C. and Yukon.

Bel Café

If you haven’t already had them, you’ll love the bright and colorful assortment of macarons that Bel Cafe makes including tasty flavours like Cassis, Key Lime Pie and PB & J.

Partial proceeds from sales of their macarons will be donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society Kids’ Picks, which provides healthy, ready-to-eat snacks to children aged 18 months to six years.

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates & Cafe

Last year Leonidas offered 25% off of their macarons for this glorious day, while this year they’re offering a $5 month long promotion that includes three macarons (out of 21 different flavors) and a cup of Mighty Leaf tea. They will be donating 15 percent of sales on Macaron Day to A Better Life Foundation, Mark Brand’s new meal program  (website coming soon).

While you’re there save room for one of their delicious chocolate covered waffles.

Thierry Chocolate Patisserie Café

Thierry participated in Macaron Day last year and will be celebrating again this year, this time with a limited-edition “Spring” macaron called “Cherry Blossom” ($1.95). The new flavour is a mixture of honeybush tea, honey buttercream, and Chef Thierry’s signature jam filling. Thierry is famous for his decadent chocolates and cakes, but he also makes incredible macarons. With unique flavours such as gianduja chocolate, lychee and pink praline, one of Thierry’s many flavours will definitely satisfy your cravings.

Thierry will be donating 10 percent of macaron sales on Wednesday to St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation.

macaron lychee thierry

Lychee Macaron • Photo Credit: Thierry

Other great places to get macarons in Vancouver: J’adore les macarons (make or buy), Thomas HaasLes Macarons de Katherine(online), The Urban Tea MerchantGanache PatisseriePlaisir Sucré and Daniel Le Chocolat Belge.

What’s your favourite place to get macarons? Tweet me @kellyjean247 and let me know!

Thanks to Michelle Da Silva for her sleuthing to find the donation details on Bel Cafe, Leonidas and French Made baking.


2 thoughts on “Celebrate Macaron Day on March 20th while supporting local non-profits

  1. *Thanks* to Michelle Da Silva? You’ve straight up plagiarized her work!

    I read your post in its original form and, while I see you’ve gone and “revised” a few of the things you blatently copied and pasted, this sort of thing is a slap in the face to PROFESSIONAL writers who take the time to do interviews and write ORIGINAL CONTENT. I used this website to check how much “original content” you have here (http://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/) and you’ve plagiarized 55 percent of her article. And that’s AFTER you’ve changed the original post. This leads me to wonder how many of your other blog posts have been stolen from legitimate writers.

    I know you probably don’t take this very seriously, but you should. What you’re doing harms professional writers. You are building an audience based on fraud and you should be ashamed of yourself. If you’re not smart enough to write your own copy, you shouldn’t be a blogger. You’re leveraging other peoples’ work for your own personal gain and that’s repellent.

    I think the most honest thing you could do at this point is remove the post entirely and APOLOGIZE to the writer you’ve stolen from.

    • There is some validity to what you’re saying and I’ve spoken to Michelle about the similarities. She said that she simply wanted some accreditation which is what I did and I understand that she worked hard to get the fine details on their donations. You’ll notice that the article is primarily facts so of course according to that “plagiarism checker” some of it will seem that way. I did use her information on what each place was donating as I thought it was known to the public. Many of the information, you’ll notice, is readily available online at each of the bakery’s sites. Also, this “checker” doesn’t take in to account quotes.

      Furthermore, all of the information in the first part was given to me by Daniel Wintschel so yes we may have similar information and quotes, but it’s not my fault that she hit the publish button first.

      I in no way meant to “plagiarize” her writing and I apologize if I upset you and her. Feel free to read through my other material to find more but other than facts that can not be changed, my writing is my own.

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