Bye bye flat tires, let’s pump up in Vancouver streets

Vancouver is one of the most bike-friendly cities in Canada, and it’s becoming even more so with the recently installed bike pumps popping up all over town. The first pump was installed just outside of Harvest Union in Strathcona, conveniently on the Adanac bike route. The second pump was installed yesterday next to Science World, conveniently on the seawall biking/walking path. And you know those won’t be the only ones…


The City of Vancouver  has been busy this month enabling cyclists to have an easier ride, and to encourage Vancouverites once again to get on their bikes. Flat tires can no longer be an excuse! Paying for air at a gas station is absurd and bike pumps are not alway on hand, so this is a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

That said, I’m not totally surprised that it would happen having Gregor Robertson, a keen cyclist, as the Mayor. I’m sure he’s been in need of a bike pump from time to time while cruising through the city.

Gregor Robertson, Bike

A little rain won’t kill you and with our mild weather in comparison to other Canadian cities, there is no reason to not buy yourself a wonderful, two-wheeled “machine” to commute to and from work or events, or go for a joy ride.

If you know me at all you’ll know that I’m an avid cyclist, mainly for commuting but also occasionally for pleasure; cycling to me is the ultimate stress-reliever. I’ve cycled through many cities in Europe and I love cycling in my own.

If you ever need a biking buddy, tweet me and I’ll get decked out in my gear (dorky but awesome) and be by your side, rain or shine.

For more information and to see where the next pumps will be placed check out the Bike Vancouver Facebook page.



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