Live music, pub grub and beer aplenty at the Portside opening party

Portside Pub Opening Party

Mark Brand and his team see no limits.

After gaining recent attention at Save On Meats for being the focus of CBC’s The Big Decision, they have piqued the public’s interest again. This time it comes in the form of a new music venue, drinking hole and comfort food eatery in the heart of Gastown.

Portside Pub is the name, atmosphere and beer are their claim to fame.

Portside Pub Opening Party

Portside Pub Opening Party

With twenty-four beers on tap (six local, six Canadian, six American, six international) and a cocktail list in the works, the goal of the pub is to provide an affordable venue with a strong pub culture. Beers range from locally sourced favourites including the lager and IPA from Victoria based Phillips Brewery, as well as international brews like the Belgium Palm Amber Ale, Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel, and the infamous Delirium Tremens.

Delirium Tremens

Three levels — one of which is a stage for bands — provide an ample amount of room for wandering, mingling and dancing.

Portside Pub Opening Party

And if that’s not enough room for you, walk through the glass doors (labeled PORTSIDE, you can’t miss them) in to the bathroom and get to know your neighbour in the co-ed bathroom space with a communal sink. Don’t worry, you have your own door, and no, this doesn’t mean it’s hanky-panky approved.

Portside Pub Opening Party

The ambient lighting, rustic but modern appeal, and impressive sound system made an instant impression on me, securing the fact that I’ll be back soon with a group of friends.

“Portside will be the friendliest pub in Vancouver, where anyone and everyone feels at home.”

This was a verbatim (and bold) statement that was included in the press release, that will be either affirmed or negated in due time.

For more photos from the launch party check out my Portside Pub set on Flickr.

Portside Pub is located at 7 Alexander Street, Gastown – @ThePortsidePub


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