Vintage BC Wines – How Old Can They Go?

Vintage (in the wine world) : Term that describes both the year of the actual grape harvest and the wine made from those grapes.

The quality of a harvest varies from one year to another and is impacted by the vineyard’s mesoclimate, in addition to the the winemaking process it underwent. With five individual BC VQA designated viticultural areas, each with unique climates and soils, viticultural practices vary widely in different areas. An excellent year for a growing region translates to a generally superior quality, which means there are more choices for fine wines of that vintage.

Vintage conditions are one factor in the array of things that contribute to the character and complexity of the wine. Winemakers may advance or delay harvest dates to suit the vintage conditions and ensure the optimum quality for each year.
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Want to learn more about vintage wines, specifically those produced locally?

Join Edible Canada‘s wine team along with Road 13 winemaker J.M. Bouchard for an afternoon of vintage BC wines from their cellars. Their will be a discussion on the ageability of wines and what things to look for in BC wines that will ensure they stand the test of time.

Naturally, some nibbles will accompany the wines from Chef Reid‘s kitchen.

Date: January 28
Time: 3:30pm, 1.5 hours
Cost: $30 (plus tax)
Location: Edible Canada – 1596 Johnston Street, Granville Island

*Group Booking Discount* – If you book 5 tickets at once, save $5 per ticket; if you book 10 tickets at once, save $10 per ticket. Bring your office out for a fun, informative group session. Group discounts are only available via phone at 604.558.0040.

To reserve your spot for the BC Vintage Wines event, or to discover more events in the Edible Canada Speaker Series click here.

About Edible Canada

Edible Canada (formerly Edible British Columbia) is a six year-old business headquartered at Granville Island Public Market, in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are Canada’s largest culinary tourism and locavore retail company, dedicated to sourcing the highest quality culinary products from coast to coast for our customers.

Their menus are ever-changing, following the seasons and what Chef Reid finds walking the vibrant aisles of the Market.

About Road 13

Road 13 Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery located between Osoyoos and Oliver, at Highway 97 and Road 13 on the Okanagan Valley’s historic “Golden Mile.” The winery has a short but colourful past and continually receives ongoing critical acclaim for making wines that many feel are a quintessential expression of Okanagan Valley terroir.

Their wines are presented in three distinct tiers: a red blend and a white blend called “Honest John”, a varietal series of red and white wines under the Road 13 classification, and a premium tier of small lots and blends under the Jackpot designation.

Their blended red and white wines are a tribute to Honest John Oliver, BC Premier from 1918–1927. Honest John epitomized British Columbians’pioneering values: hard work, self-reliance, dependability and neighbourliness. His greatest achievement was the construction of the irrigation canal that transformed the (Golden Mile) South Okanagan and areas into outstanding farmland. Road 13 wines express the special character of the South Okanagan’s renowned Golden Mile.

Southern BC is home to hundreds of old gold mines with names that acknowledge the region’s past exploration. One, called Jackpot, inspired them. Evoking the joy of winning a hard-earned prize, it made a fitting title for their top wines – the reward for their hard work in the vineyard and cellar.

Road 13’s motto, “It’s All About the Dirt,” reflects their belief that great wines start in the vineyard.

Learn more.


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