Swimming in sparkling wine at Araxi’s Bubbles and Oceans event

One of my favorite and most memorable events at Cornucopia 2012 was without a doubt Bubbles and Oceans. The event was held at the esteemed Araxi restaurant in Whistler and boasted 20 of the world’s top Champagne and sparkling wines. Representatives were pouring generously into flutes left, right and center without protest from those consuming the delicious libations.

Sparkling WIne

Bubbles and Oceans

Executive Chef James Walt showcased an impressive selection of finely crafted canapés all of which were sourced locally, land animals from Pemperton Valley Farms and ocean creatures from the Pacific Ocean. Menu items included braised beef cheek, salmon lox rolls (shown) and puff pastries with fois gras, among other things.


Chef Walt also offered a plateaux de mer, where friendly staff served freshly shucked oysters, Tofino Dungeness crab and prawns. They were even nice enough to take a break and pose for a photo with me.


Oyster Shucking, Araxi

Sushi Chefs, Yutaka and Masaka, ensured that there was a constant flow of rolls for the guests. As many guests were from Vancouver, it was to no surprise that the sushi was a big hit. Everyone knows we’re spoiled with litters of it in the city.


Whether it was the bubbles going to people’s heads or the exciting atmosphere, guests appeared to be enjoying themselves, obvious by the lively chatter and the wild dancing.

Bubbles and Oceans


Music revolutionary Kytami – a new age “violinistextremist” and guitarist Dallin Paul were there to be sure of the latter.

Bubbles and Oceans

Bubbles and Oceans will definitely be an event that I’ll be purchasing a ticket early for next year. If you weren’t there in 2012, look in to it in 2013 as it is an event you won’t want to miss.

For more photos from the event check out my Bubbles and Oceans set on Flickr. 



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