A BBQ feast for a food cause and an epic feat at the Wings of Kilimanjaro Gala


Photo Source: JunglePhotos.com

Wings of Kilimanjaro is a once in a lifetime, world record breaking attempt. 200 adventurers from around the world will gather in Tanzania, Africa where they will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kilmanjaro is the highest free standing mountain in the world (5895m) and they intend on climbing it over a period of seven days. After summiting they will fly by paragliders from “The Roof of Africa” in an effort to raise $1,000,000 US to be split between three charities: World Serve, The One Foundation and Plants with Purpose (explained at the bottom of the article).

Justin Kyllo, owner of Smoke and Bones BBQ, is one of those individuals. In an effort to do his part and contribute to the large sum being raised, he is holding a charity dinner and dance at the Heritage Hall.

There will be a live band to get people on the dance floor, a cash bar to quench people’s thirst and a huge BBQ feast to satiate people’s hunger. There will even be a whole roast pig smoked for 18 hours in their competition smoker.

Photo Source: smokeandbones.ca

I chatted briefly with Justin before the event to get some insight about his connection with Wings of Kilimajaro and his feelings leading up to lift-off.

What inspired you to do this? 

“A number of things came together at the right time. For one, I have wanted to travel to Africa ever since I was a child. I have been fascinated with countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Kenya and Tanzania. Two years ago I tried to get a small group of pilots to travel to Africa together for a paragliding trip but it was not going to happen with the people I know. I was told about this project earlier this year. The day I found out, I came home and applied to them.”

Have you ever done anything like this before? 

“I have done small amounts of world travelling and lots and lots of paragliding (14 years), but nothing like this before.”

With the commitment you’ve made to the organizations and the cause, how are you feeling just a couple of months before the big day? 

“I am feeling really good. There is a lot to think about and I have fundraising commitments to make for the project. Both myself and the other Vancouver pilot, Guy Herrington, each have to raise $5000 US for the charities as well as $3500 US for the Tanzanian guides, porters and cooks who are part of the team. There are 200 pilots and a crew of over 1000 porters, media, etc., climbing Kilimanjaro for this project.”

Is there a way of preparing yourself for such a feat?

“I am training with the Peak Centre for Human Performance. They put me on a plan to help maximize my conditioning before I leave. I am also doing lots of reading about high altitude climbing and trekking. Kilimanjaro is over 19,000 feet and altitude sickness can play a factor and is the most common reason why people do not make it to the summit. Mental preparation is key as well. Seven days is a long gruelling trip up and we will pass through multiple climate zones. From Savannah at the bottom to arctic conditions on the summit. As well because we are paraglider pilots, when the rain dies away we like to practice handling our gliders in strong wind. Getting to the top is only half the scenario. We have to fly down as a group of 200!”

Event Details
Date: Wednesday, November 28th, 2012
Location: Heritage Hall, Vancouver • 3102 Main Street
Tickets: $50/Person  •  $475/Table of 10
Dress Code: Semi Formal
Doors: 6:00 pm
Appetizers: 6:30 pm

For bookings and enquiries email Justin at smokeandbones@me.com.



Jalapeno Peppers stuffed with Cream Cheese and Pulled Pork, wrapped with Bacon and smoked in the pit.

Tomato and Bocconcini Skewers – Sprinkled with fresh basil and drizzled with
a balsamic vinaigrette


Whole Roast Pig – Smoked for 18 hours in our competition smoker and then garnished with sliced fresh fruit

Award Winning Pork Back Ribs – Seasoned and smoked for 6 hours over a hardwood fire

Certified Angus Beef Brisket – Marinated, rubbed and then smoked for 14 hours over a hardwood fire

Baked Potatoes with Sour Cream, Bacon Bits and Green Onions

BBQ Pit Beans with Apple, Raisins, Onion and Pulled Pork

Spring Mix Salad with Fresh Strawberries, Feta Cheese, Caramelized Pecans and a Raspberry Vinaigrette.

Creamy Coleslaw with Sliced Apples and Sunflower Seeds

Fresh Baked Rolls

Fresh Baked Corn Bread


Fresh Baked Pies


Plant with Purpose

Plant With Purpose is a Christian, environmental non-profit organization that transforms lives in rural areas worldwide where poverty is caused by deforestation. Focusing on holistic solutions to poverty, Plant With Purpose has been restoring the lives of the rural poor for over 25 years by planting trees, creating economic opportunity through micro-credit and micro-enterprise, implementing sustainable agriculture programs, and encouraging spiritual renewal.

The One Foundation

The One Foundation will be working to provide sustainable and community led water and sanitation programs in Tanzania in 2013. They will work through local partners to ensure that the most appropriate and lasting solutions are implemented in the communities most in need. As with all of their programs, they ensure that every penny is spent in a transparent and accountable way, that has the greatest resources, skills and infrastructure and deliver upon these needs accordingly.

World Serve

WorldServe International is an organization passionate about building global networks to meet local needs. They excel at providing water and sanitation solutions in developing countries with its own Africa-based water resource development company.

Through their innovative Life Center strategy, they are combating poverty by working in 7 key areas of community development: water and sanitation, electrical power, communications and culture, agricultural development, economic empowerment, health care and education.


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