Meat me in Memphis…Blues BBQ that is.

Memphis Blues BBQ hosted friends, media and local businesses for an afternoon of cocktails and Southern food last week.

Pulled pork and beef brisket were expected, but a full hog roast laying on a bed of lettuce with an apple in it’s mouth?

There was enough food just from the pig that would satiate the hungry crowd two times over, yet there was still an abundance of food floating around the room. Staff buzzed from kitchen to dining area bringing the guests their week’s worth of meat, including beef brisket flautas (like taquitos), crackling, pulled pork gyozas and pulled pork and beef brisket sliders.

Surprisingly though, there were a couple of Pescatorians in the crowd, including Miss Amy Tran, who indulged in potato salad, coleslaw and the delicious Catfish Critters.

Where there is savory, there must always be sweet, at least in my book. Memphis Blues BBQ concurred with their trays of pecan pie and peach crumble complete with whip cream and caramel sauce. Although sickenly sweet I couldn’t get enough of that pecan pie, but they were both tasty and the perfect way to cap off the meal. (Three may have been too many though.)

While indulging in food, I also indulged in a few cocktails. These things had bite and after sampling all three — the Honeysuckle, The Bossman and the Bourbon Sour — I decided that the Bourbon Sour was definitely my favorite.

Maybe it was the cocktails or maybe just curiousity, but I also met Potter the pig (shown below) who I learned was given to Memphis Blues BBQ by a customer who bought it from a thrift store.

While sampling the food and drinks, guests were entertained by David Boxcar Gates, who strummed his guitar and made us feel like we were in Memphis with his blues music. I later learned that he his homemade harmonica rack is made out of bicycle parts and lampshades!

Music, messy food, good people and strong cocktails made this event a memorable one and a good way for Memphis Blue BBQ to bond with local businesses, foodies and friends.

For more photos from the event check out my Memphis Blues BBQ set on Flickr.

Some of these items were exclusive to the event. Want to check out what Memphis Blues BBQ offers on their menu? Visit their website.


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