Back to the 60’s with Mad Men Season 5 and Canadian Club Whisky

Mad Men GroupIn 1960’s Manhattan, with the rise of the golden era of advertising, a new breed of gentleman was born – the Manhattan Avenue Ad Man. Don Draper of Mad Men is a prime example of such a character with his no-nonsense attitude, blunt remarks and a love for Canadian Club whisky.

In celebration of the Mad Men Season 5 DVD release, media and VIP gathered together to raise a toast to the classic era with a classic whisky.

Guests spent the night tasting Canadian Club’s three whisky varieties on hand: Classic (aged 12 years), Reserve (10 years), and Premium (6 years) blends.

Canadian Club Whisky

Unbeknownst to me, unlike wine and beer when smelling whisky one should open their mouth a tad (as if pursing your lips) in order to fully inhale the flavour. This also helps from having the alcohol burn the nose through too deep of a breath.

Since straight up whisky isn’t for everyone there were also classic 1960’s cocktails being served: Millionaire’s Manhattan (with sherry and bitters), Old Fashioned (with maple syrup and lemon zest), and CC Sour (with lemon juice and simple syrup). A favorite among many seemed to be the CC Sour.

Making a Manhattan and an Old Fashioned

Manhattan and an Old Fashioned

To soak up the whisky over the course of the night hors d’oeuvres were being served, including deviled eggs, teriyaki chicken wings, stuffed mushrooms and cream filled cones for dessert.

Dessert and a whisky sour

The event was held in the beautiful lounge at at the Terminal City Club and put together by Canadian Club in partnership with Lion’s Gate Entertainment & Alliance Films. The host for the evening was Riaz Meghji of CTV’s Breakfast Television.

Riaz Meghji

For more photos from the event check out my set on Flickr and the Canadian Club gallery by Jeremy Lim.


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