Taste Resto Lounge Media and VIP Party

Media and VIP gathered together last week at Taste Resto Lounge at Club 560 to celebrate the restaurant’s official opening in style.

Taste Resto & Lounge long table

Upon arriving guests were greeted with a glass of sparkling wine which we sipped on as we led ourselves on a self-guided tour of the restaurant. The room features a long table that sits twenty in front of the open-concept kitchen, as well as tables for two or four up front by the long, sunken bar. The sunken bar seems unusual at first but is set up that way so that patrons and bartenders can be at the same level, thus having neither individual at an inferior or superior position while sitting and drinking.

Taste Resto & Lounge bartender

Ordering a drink at Taste Resto & Lounge

The decor in the room is enchanting; the red chandeliers cast a warm glow and a native mask behind the bar stares back at you as you order yourself a Moulin Rouge, a Sea Dog, or one of their many cocktails.

Taste Resto & Lounge decor

Taste Resto & Lounge Decor

What’s nice about their menu is that beside each drink is a suggestion for a food pairing, which saves you the hassle and may help guests better understand the pairing process of different flavours. I was surprised to see that they didn’t have any beer on the menu since beer can pair with any dish as well as any wine or cocktail can.

Taste Resto & Lounge menus

Served that night were Italian-inspired dishes, including a charcuterie & cheese plate with house-smoked B.C. duck, smoked oysters, drunken mushrooms, cured meats, artisanal cheeses, and sweet pickled beets.

Taste Resto & Lounge charcuterie and cheese plate

Also prepared for guests were a variety of TASTE’s proudest dishes. The kitchen staff, including Joshua the Sous Chef, were working hard to pump out food as fast as they could for the eager crowd.

Brie, Pear, Chutney Stack

Hand Crafted Bacon Chutney, Pear & Brie Stack with fig compote, sticky onion marmale & chimichurrii 

Roma Tomato, bocconcini, cucumber salad

Portly roma tomatoes, fresh bocconcini, cucumber, and balsamic pesto salad

Chicken Liver Pate

House Smoked Chicken Liver Pate with Capicollo, sweet pickled beets, spiced pesto, and sticky onion marmalade

After much mingling and snacking, Chef Renaldo Decembrini addressed the crowd, explaining about his vision for TASTE and how his menu is prepared in a manner very reminiscent of Italy.

Chef Renaldo Decembrini

We want people to experience food in it’s base component. Venison should taste like venison, and duck should taste like duck.

Chef Decembrini also noted that 80 percent of the ingredients used at TASTE are locally sourced and organic, which will strike a chord with many Vancouverites as the slow food movement is in full force.

TASTE Resto & Lounge is located at Club 560 – 560 Seymour Street. For more information check out their website (being updated) or follow them on Twitter @TASTELounge.

For more high resolution of photos check out my set on Flickr. 


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