Breakfast in bed and afternoon tea at Rowena’s Inn on the River

While staying at Rowena’s Inn on the River I was spoiled with not only breakfast in bed but also afternoon tea.

When I think of most bed and breakfasts that I’ve been to I never would’ve expected what was in store for me at Rowena’s. A knock on the door of our cottage at 8:15 in the morning (earlier than the other guests as per request) we were given a quick good morning by the Sous Chef and then handed a large picnic basket. There are definitely worse ways to be woken up.

Breakfast in bed basket

Still half asleep at this point I eagerly grabbed for the coffee while James went for the fresh, pulpy, orange juice.

Not particularly hungry first thing in the morning, I can still never resist anything right out of the oven. A warm muffin and scone had us salivating as our taste buds fired up just wondering what else was in store.

Fresh muffin and scone

Kept warm by a heat pad were veggie eggs benny, salmon eggs benny, sausages, bacon, potatoes, and pancakes.

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The bacon was cooked crisp but not dry and crunchy and the sausages juicy as ever. To freshen it up a bit there was a small bowl or fruit including melons, grapes, gooseberry and strawberries. An attempt at making it healthier that was appreciated.

The eggs bennies were a great idea but the fact that they don’t stand a chance against the humidity and warmth means that they were soggy when eaten. That said they were delicious still when drizzled with the homemade hollandaise sauce served on the side. I loved that they weren’t skimpy on the toppings with the veggie benny being loaded with roasted tomatoes and spinach and the salmon benny coming with a fair slab of fish.

Rowena Egg Benny duo

A meal fit for four people was gobbled up by the two of us as indulgence took over and our sense of fullness was overrode. When Rowena’s Inn on the River states you get a deluxe breakfast, they mean it.

While we ate ours in the cottage, the other guests eat it together in the solarium. Betty Anne, co-owner of Rowena’s Inn on the River, mentioned that many of the guests are returning visitors and she’s even had some people coordinate annual stays after meeting over breakfast.

Rowenna's Inn Solarium, Pretty Estates

Photo Credit: James Healey

Very full from our breakfast we had to keep moving for the next couple of hours in order to be hungry for our afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea consisted of the tea of our choice (Organic Earl Grey) and a three-tiered plate of sweets and savories.

Afternoon tea at Rowena's

The curried chicken and salmon were tasty but the cucumber and butter (although being a childhood favorite) was a miss because the bread was dry.

Afternoon tea at Rowena's - Sandwiches

There was an abundance of sweets from cakes to cheesecakes that was almost too much sugar for the two of us, even with our addiction to sweets.

Afternoon tea cheesecakes

Served first, the scones with fresh Chantilly cream and strawberry preserve were to die for and without a doubt the highlight of the afternoon tea at Rowena’s.

Scones with Chantilly cream and strawberry preserve

For more information on Rowena’s Inn on the River check out their website or read my review on my night spent there. 


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