River’s Edge at Rowena’s Inn on the River

While spending the night at Rowena’s Inn on the River, my boyfriend and I decided to eat dinner at River’s Edge, since the only other dining option in close proximity is Sasquatch Café at the end of the main street. I had read positive reviews on the restaurant, so was curious to try it anyway.

Our first decision was what wine to drink. While James is just developing a palate for wine, I’ve gone to many wine tastings and have been drinking it for (many) years. We can both agree that we migrate towards medium to full-bodied wines that aren’t overly dry. We can tolerate slight sweetness, but wouldn’t go above a one, unless, obviously, it was a dessert wine. This narrowed it down to a few, but our final choice was the Red Diamond Merlot with notes of fig, caramel and vanilla. I’ve never had a wine that combined these three flavours and was pleasantly surprised as it was very drinkable on its own, as well as with dinner.

Red Diamond Merlot

As an appetizer we chose the West Coast Salmon Cakes. First thing I noticed is that they were huge, which made up for the fact that there were only two and cost $12. The lemon sprinkled on top added a little moisture to the borderline too dry salmon cakes. The batter was nice and crunchy and added flavour to the dish as did the apple coleslaw, which complemented the dish when eaten in the same bite. I loved the fact that it was all salmon and not a combination of seafood, as it often is. I had heard that the crab cakes were worth trying but since they are no longer on the menu this was a nice alternative.

Salmon Cake - River's Edge

For dinner I had the Herb Seared Halibut with a hazelnut pesto. The halibut was moist and cut well with the fork and the hazelnut pesto had a slight nutty texture and flavour but the dominant taste was the pesto. Seeing as there are quite a few hazelnut farms in the area it was great to see them using local products. Of the sides, the basmati rice probably paired the best but un-intrigued I opted for extra vegetables instead. The staff was very accommodating and didn’t act snarky that I was making an adjustment.

Halibut with Hazelnut Pesto - River's Edge

Being a hands-on kind of guy, James had the House Smoked Whiskey Ribs. Unconventionally, he ordered the basmati rice as a side, which was cooked well but lacked in flavour; a little butter, salt and maybe even parsley would have helped. The ribs were tender and fell off the bones easily and were coated in a sauce that was bursting with flavour.

Whiskey Ribs - Rivers Edge

Surprisingly we didn’t get a dessert, although intrigued by the Cinnamon Nachos and being told by one of the servers that they were remarkably good. With the wine being on the sweeter side, my sweet tooth was satisfied by that and the mint chocolate that was given with our bill.

Candle with Dessert Menu - River's Edge

As we sat and enjoyed our meal, the highlight not the well made food, but the amazing view from the outdoor patio as we watched the sun set. The staff, although buzzing around due to being understaffed and overwhelmed, did not interrupt the moment but interjected only when necessary in an efficient and friendly manner.

River’s Edge is a nice addition to the fantastic Rowena’s Inn on the River grounds. Check out my review in The Vancouver Observer about my night spent there.

For more high-resolution photos of River’s Edge and Rowena’s Inn on the River check out my set on Flicker. 


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