16 different dishes and 16 different stories at Joy of Cooking

Vancouver is home to a multitude of cultures from around the world. It’s important that we celebrate our diversity through building an inclusive environment by sharing our cultures, our traditions and our way of life.

A great thing about Vancouverites is their love for different ethnic cuisines; walk down most streets in Vancouver and you will see a plethora of restaurants catering to the adventurous eaters.  Unfortunately there are some ethnicities that are under-represented here which makes an event like Joy of Feeding, an international food fair, even more intriguing because of its unique exposure.

Sixteen countries are being represented at the event, including Sierra Leone, Ghana, Hakka Chinese, Chile, Mexico, Maya (Guatemala), Pakistan, Goa (India), Egypt, Syria, Tsimshian First Nations, Canada (Vancouver), Vietnam, Southern Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Items such as Pastel de Choclo, Baked Kibbeh and will be served with each cook offering their recipe (in cookbook) for guests to try at home themselves.

Joy of Feeding is happening today from 1-4PM. Tickets can be bought in advance online or at Choices Markets. There will even be a limited amount sold at the door.

Connecting those who wish to cook and love eating various types of cuisines, to those who actually do cook.

Good to know:

BC has more than 4 million people and is the most ethnically diverse province in Canada.


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