A Rose Project

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I embarked on a self-directed project on Mother’s Day.

Since I wasn’t able to physically give my mother roses on a day dedicated to her, and all the other amazing MOMS, I had to think of an alternative. After a day spent at EPIC surrounded by “Happy Mother’s Day” comments and fair trade roses floating around the room I realized how a simple gesture of giving a rose to someone could make their day.  So, I decided that I would get a bunch of roses and hand them out to miscellaneous women around Vancouver. I realized that it wouldn’t be necessarily obvious if they were a mom, regardless of their age, so I decided to hand them out to all women, young and old.

Bucket of Roses

Walking downtown with a big bunch of roses I looked like I was trying to sell them. Many people offered to give me money but I politely refused, telling them that that wasn’t the purpose of my project. Some people probably thought I was crazy, but mostly they loved what I was doing and were honored to take a rose or two (or sometimes 3) from me. The one rule that I did have was that for ever rose I gave, I would take a photo with them and the rose. I wanted to do this partly so I could document it, but mostly so that I could make a collage full of roses and happy women and show it to my mom. After all, it was because I couldn’t be with her that fueled the project in the first place. I didn’t give out as many as I had hoped but I didn’t start until 6 and many people at that point were having Mother’s Day dinners; I had little time to strike out. Below is a picture of the fantastic women I met, hugged, chatted with and parted ways.

Kelly Jean's Rose Project

A big thanks to all of those who participated and supported my project. Some decided to remain anonymous (by name) while others freely introduced themselves. In no particular order, thank you Felisa (my first!), Teresa, Vivien, Selina, Yulanda, Lorisa, Amber, Kate, Maurie, Lisa, Melinda, Miranda, Carleen, Terryn, and Robin. And thanks to those who took the photos for me!

Heart Smoothie

Happy Mother’s Day…or belated Women’s Day!


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