Pourhouse Restaurant Review (excerpt)

Tucked away in Gastown, like many worthwhile restaurants, sits Pourhouse, a Rustic American restaurant.

Duck terrine

Duck terrine with garlic crostinis, greens, candied hazlenuts, in-house mustard

The name, although sounding like Poorhouse should not be mistaken as such; unless you consider top-notch cuisine and cocktails, combined with a fantastic ambiance a place for the poor to dwell. That said, you don’t have to be rich to eat there either as menu items are respectable in price for value with even the most expensive item on the menu, a whole roasted Cornish Hen for two, at only $30. On the cheaper side are the perfect bar treats, the spiced nuts at $3, and the unique, Scotch eggs at only $4. Whatever your choice may be you can be sure it has been thoughtfully created by Executive Chef JC with every ingredient contributing to a tasty dish assiduous in A+ presentation.

Read the full review on Vancouver Observer here.


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